In 2016, the National Bureau of Statistics of Maldives administered the EDGE module to a sub-sample of households receiving the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES). One randomly selected adult household member was interviewed about the principal dwelling, agricultural land, enterprises, real estate, financial assets and liabilities owned only by the respondent, whether exclusively or jointly with someone else.

A stratified two-stage sample design was used for the HIES based on the summary data and cartography from the 2014 Maldives Population and Housing Census. The primary sampling units (PSUs) selected at the first stage for the administrative islands were the enumeration blocks (EBs) selected within each atoll systematically with PPS from the ordered list of EBs in the sampling frame. A random systematic sample of 15 households was selected from the listing for each sample EB for a total of 5,055 households. The EDGE module was administered to 285 households receiving the HIES in two atolls, Laamu and Gnaviyani. In Laamu, Fonadhoo and Gamu islands were selected for the EDGE module and in Gnaviyani, Fuvahmuah island received the module.