In order to produce methodological guidelines on measuring asset ownership and entrepreneurship from a gender perspective that are practical, feasible and sustainable, the EDGE project is testing the proposed methodologies in seven pilot countries through two modes of data collection. In Georgia, Mongolia, Philippines, South Africa, and Uganda, the National Statistical Offices are piloting the stand-alone EDGE household survey, while in Maldives and Mexico, the NSOs are appending the EDGE module to nationally-representative household surveys.

The pilots will quantitatively and qualitatively assess the design of the EDGE questionnaire and the feasibility of interviewing the household members selected for interview according to the EDGE field protocols. In addition, tabulations of the pilot data will contribute to the EDGE project's understanding of how to construct indicators for global and national monitoring that both capture policy-relevant gender differences in asset ownership and entrepreneurship and facilitate cross-country comparability. The lessons learned from the seven pilots will inform the revision of the EDGE guidelines that will be presented to the UN Statistical Commission in 2017.