Definitions of job profiles / persona

Persona NamePersona Definition
N/A or Unknown 
Data Scientist
The Data Scientist is skilled at extracting knowledge and insights from unstructured data through the application of a broad range of scientific methods, processes and algorithms. They are able to apply supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning techniques to large non-traditional data sources. Like the Data Analyst, the Data Scientist may also experiment with different data sources, run simulations, integrate data sources and build reproducible analytical pipelines. They have a curious mindset and good data science ideation skills.

Data Analyst
This role is primarily an Analyst (Statistician, Economist, etc) who has built their data science capability through on-the-job applications using new big data sources and coding tools. They have strong domain expertise (such as in Prices) and a strong mathematical and statistical background. They have developed their coding techniques, such as R and/or Python, through undertaking training and applying to their work. They may experiment with different data sources, run simulations, integrate data and build reproducible analytical pipelines to deliver insight and/or more efficient automated processes.

Senior Manager
This role refers to the Decision Maker within the department who understands the impact of the project work and is able to obtain funding and resources. They are able to articulate the concepts, get the required buy-in, identify the key stakeholders and negotiate the infrastructure requirements.

Project Manager
This role refers to the person who acts as the liaison with internal and external stakeholders and sets up the project plan and appropriate governance. They will plan and procure the requirements of the project, such as obtaining the required human resources, data and tools. They will oversee the progress made by those involved and will address any challenges or blockers faced by the Data Scientists/Others involved in the project. They will also ensure that specific elements have been covered, such as the Quality Assurance of results and Methodology write-ups.