Detailed information about "Principles of Data Visualization for Official Statistics and SDG Indicators"

Key info
Offered byStatistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific

The course provides an opportunity for participants to explore and manipulate the techniques of data visualization for data exploration as well as for data presentation. Participants will discover, evaluate and apply the rules of data visualization on devoted cases studies. The course also proposes strategies for visualizing in multi-dimensions as well as presenting the practical methods for representing statistical indicators on maps, within dashboards or for reports with infographics.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify data visualization objectives and limits
  • Comprehend data visualization as a visual language
  • Classify the different types of graphics that can be used to represent SDG indicators
  • Visualize SDG data in infographics and reports
  • Apply data visualization rules to explore SDG statistics or to produce SDG-related graphics
  • Compare statistical summaries tables with their data visualizations counterparts
  • Elaborate strategies for visualizing multidimensional statistics used to produce SDG indicators
  • Decipher statistical maps
  • Construct choropleth and proportional symbols maps with QGIS and R
  • Use alternative to maps for SDG indicators comparisons over space

Software: None, but examples use R, Excel, QGIS, ...

Accredited byanytime

Additional info
Provider typeacademic center
Synchronous / asynchronousasynchronous online course
Type of deliveryblended (practical training and lecture)
Length6 weeks
Dates available15 June 2022
Has certificateYes
Registration / Access controlYES
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