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Offered byMassachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Sloan Digital Business Strategy: Harnessing Our Digital Future online short course investigates the principles that frame research by esteemed MIT faculty and The New York Times best-selling authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. This program focuses on a unique approach to finding a balance between traditional methods and new ways companies can harness transformative technology to improve best practices.

With an emphasis on enabling effective digital transformation, this MIT Sloan Executive Education online program focuses on the rebalancing of three key relationships: human minds and machines, physical products and digital platforms, and the core (centralized knowledge) and the crowd (decentralized knowledge). It’s through these lenses that you’ll explore the potential of disruptive technology for business, equipping you to drive innovation within your own organization. Throughout the online short course, you’ll be encouraged to apply your newfound business strategy insights to real-life scenarios and ultimately walk away with an MIT digital certificate of completion.

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This digital transformation-focused online program aims to provide CEOs, managers, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to analyze traditional business strategy models, and adapt these in light of current disruptive technologies. It’s also valuable for professionals with strategic decision-making responsibilities across a range of industries. Similarly, it will be beneficial to any member of a senior leadership team looking for a transformation-centered course in order to stay abreast of how the global business context is changing.

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Provider typeacademic center
Synchronous / asynchronoussynchronous online course
Type of deliverylecture
Length6 weeks /48 hours
Dates available06 April 2022
Cost2800 USD
Has certificateYES
Registration / Access controlYES
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