UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science awareness webinar
10-year review of the UNCEBD

6 July 2023
08:00 - 09:00 AM (EST)



During the webinar we will announce the survey on the 10-year review of the UNCEBD. The objective of the webinar is to raise awareness for the survey and generate interest by statistical agencies to complete the survey.

Big Data is by definition different from traditional data sources currently used by National Statistical Systems (NSSs) requiring the development of new methodologies. Big Data sources pose challenges regarding methodology, quality assurance, technology, security, privacy, and legal matters. This means that new skill sets are necessary. Moreover, statistical institutes have started using data science to support the implementation of new methodologies and to improve the delivery of services.

We would like to take this opportunity to evaluate, if NSOs and other statistical agencies are familiar with the work of the UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics (UNCEBD, previously also known as the Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics). We also want to know if NSOs would like the UNCEBD to make changes to its current work program or provide additional activities. This Committee was established by the UN Statistical Commission in 2014, and has reported under the item of Big Data to the Commission every year since 2014, see https://unstats.un.org/bigdata and https://unstats.un.org/bigdata/about/documents.cshtml


Ashwell Jenneker

Deputy Statistician General, South Africa and Acting Chair of UNCEBD

Ronald Jansen

Assistant Director of the United Nations Statistics Division, Chief of UNSD's Data Innovation and Capacity Branch

Eric Deeben

Consultant of the United Nations Statistics Division working on the 10-year review of the UNCEBD