Third Regional Workshop on Production and Use of Vital Statistics

Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 26-30 May 2014


List of documents


  ESA/STAT/AC Agenda
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  ESA/STAT/AC List of Participants
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  ESA/STAT/AC Principles and recommendations for a vital statistics system, Revision 3
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  ESA/STAT/AC Final Report



Module 1 - Revised international standards for a vital statistics system
   Session 1 United Nations principles and recommendations for civil registration and vital statistics: historical overview
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    Overview of references
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   Session 2 UNSD - Functioning of a vital statistics system and its coordination and integration
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    Country presentations
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   Session 3 UNSD - Internationally recommended definitions of vital events and recommended topics
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    Country presentations
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       Islamic Republic of Iran
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       Lao PDR
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   Session 4 UNSD - Quality assessment and assurance in the vital statistics system
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    Country presentations
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       Republic of Korea
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       Viet Nam
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Module 2 - Sources of vital statistics
    UNSD - Use of population registers for vital statistics purposes
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    UNSD - Role of health institutions
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Module 3 - Contemporary tools for assessing a vital statistics system
    SIAP - Rapid assessment tool and its implementation
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    HMN - Assessment tool
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Module 4 - International collection of vital statistics
    UNSD - United Nations Demographic Yearbook Data Collection System
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    UNSD - Regional response rates for vital statistics
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Module 5 - Strategies for improving vital statistics system
    SIAP - Strategies for improving civil registration and vital statistics system: Case of the Philippines
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    SIAP - Regional initiatives on civil registration and vital statistics in Asia
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    Final country presentations
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       Islamic Republic of Iran
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       Lao PDR
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       Republic of Korea
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       Viet Nam
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