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Date of release: July 25 2008

International Merchandise Trade Statistics
National Compilation and Reporting Practices

Survey Results 2006 and 1996

This site provides the 2006 and 1996 national compilation and reporting practices (NCDP) survey results in international merchandise trade statistics (IMTS). Both NCDP surveys were conducted by the Trade Statistics Branch of the United Nations Statistics Division; the second NCDP survey was conducted in 2006 and the first NCDP survey was conducted between 1992 and 1995.

Both surveys cover the various IMTS conceptual aspects such as coverage, trade system, commodity classification, valuation, quantity measurement, partner country and reporting and dissemination as reflected in International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, United Nations publications, Sales number: 98.XVII.16. In addition, the 2006 NCDP survey also contains detailed questions regarding institutional arrangements, data sources and data quality control.

The following links provide the results of both surveys:

1. Overview of National Compilation and Dissemination Practices

This overview contains a summary of the 2006 survey results. This overview is an updated version of chapter 1 of the Supplement to the Compilers Manual.

    Overview of National Compilation and Dissemination Practices.pdf

2. Summary tables

The following tables provide a summary of the results of the 2006 and of the 1996 surveys.

    Summary table 1.xls (all 2006 NCDP survey results)
    Summary table 2.xls (all 1996 NCDP survey results)
    Summary table 3.xls (comparison between 2006 and 1996 surveys)

3. Detailed results

The following pages provide the detailed survey results by country and by question. In addition, the UN recommendations are indicated.

    2006 NCDP (132 country replies to 173 questions)
    1996 NCDP (148 country replies to 156 questions)

Searches can be made by country or by question:
  • A search by country produces one table per country showing (by question) the international merchandise trade statistics practices.
  • A summary statement at the beginning of each country table indicates the number of answers which comply with UN recommendations.
  • A click on a given question transfers the user to a second set of tables providing lists of countries by type of answer.
  • A note at the top of each of these tables indicates whether there is a UN recommendation for the question and, if so, tells what it is.
  • A search by question provides a full list of questions included in the survey, and users may click on any question to be transferred to the tables which show countries grouped by type of answer.