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Estimating the Impact of Trade and Offshoring on American Workers using the Current Population Surveys

Avraham Ebenstein Ann Harrison Margaret McMillan Shannon Phillips 2009

We link industry-level data on trade and offshoring with individual-level worker data from the Current Population Surveys. We find that occupational exposure to globalization is associated with larger wage effects than industry exposure. This effect has been overlooked because it operates between rather than within sectors of the economy. We also find that globalization is associated with a reallocation of workers across sectors and occupations... more »

Getting the Numbers Right

International Engineering Education in the United States, China, and India

This article challenges the commonly cited statistics for engineering graduates in the United States, China, and India. Our research shows that the gap between the number of engineers and related technology specialists produced in the United States versus those in India and China is smaller than previously reported, and the United States remains a leading source of high-quality global engineering talent. Furthermore, engineering graduates in China and India face the prospect of substantial unemployment... more »

GVC: Preliminary Evidence & Policy Issues March

OECD 2011

This paper aims to develop a storyline for the WPGI/CIIE work on global value chains (GVCs) for the PWB of 2011-2012, by bringing together the empirical evidence and analytical research on GVCs and analyzing new policy issues. The objective of the WPGI activities on GVCs is to develop policy relevant analysis and provide analytical support for the policy discussion in the CIIE. The work on GVCs will be undertaken in close coordination with the work on ‘New Sources of Growth’ given the complementarities between the two projects… more »

Offshoring of Jobs

Gary Gereffi 2005
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The Social Policy Lectures are endowed by the ILO’s Nobel Peace Prize of 1969 and dedicated to the memory of David A. Morse, Director-General of the ILO from 1948 to 1970. They are held in major universities of the world with the three-fold aim of stimulating the interest of graduate and post-graduate students in international social policy; of promoting academic work in areas of concern to the ILO; and of encouraging greater dialogue between the academic community on the one hand and policy makers… more »

Trading Tasks: A Simple Theory of Offshoring

Gene Grossman Esteban Rossi-Hansberg 2008

Specialisation or division of labour is an important source of economic growth, but the degree of division of labour is constrained by the extent of the market. Trade in tasks represents the latest turn in a virtuous cycle of deepening specialisation, expansion of the market and productivity growth. It has attracted a lot of attention in the policy debate not for its contribution to international division of labour and productivity growth... more »

US-Canada Supply Chains

Data issues on integrated trade between Canada and the US
Art Ridgeway 2007

Reduced barriers to the flow of capital, goods, and services, combined with rapid advances in communication and transportation technology, have for many years been fostering increased specialization of production activity, and this trend continues. The same factors have also led large firms, particularly multinational firms, to reorganize how they manage their operations… more »