14 February 2012

On 2-4 February 2011, approximately 200 policy makers, economists, trade analysts and trade statisticians come together for the Global Forum on Trade Statistics at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. "Measurement of global trade" was the main theme.

The Global Forum was unique in the sense that high-level representatives from the policy, research and statistical side (from both national and international institutes) were jointly discussing the measurement of trade statistics. Remarkably, this meeting of users and producers, of the supply and demand side, came to a general agreed vision, namely to link trade to other economic and social statistics, to improve cooperation among national agencies and to improve trade-related classifications. Statements made then are reflected on this website.

In the past year, many events took place, initiatives and processes were started and publications, studies and articles appeared. This Global Forum website is established to make all that information available in one place. This website is meant as a market place to share the latest information on the measurement and analysis of global trade. This is a meeting place for statisticians, researchers, economists, trade negotiators, trade analysts and everyone else with an interest in trade-related information.

The UN Statistics Division posted a selection of all the work at this moment. We invite you herewith to propose additional material.

Please send your proposals, comments or requests for corrections to jansen1@un.org with copy to tajonc@un.org.

Ronald Jansen
Chief, Trade Statistics Branch
UN Statistics Division


14 June 2013


New events added:

  • Interagency Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services
  • Virtual Meetings of the Expert Group on Compilation of SITS
  • Meeting of Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers

New publications added:

  • The Goliaths: The fate of large firms helps explain economic volatility - THE ECONOMIST
  • Global Production Networks and Employment: A Developing Country Perspective - OECD
  • Global Value Chains and Developing Country Employment: A Literature Review - OECD
  • Taking stock of reform action and identifying priorities in 2013 - OECD
  • Joining, Upgrading and Being Competitive in Global Value Chains - World Bank
  • World Investment Report 2013, Towards a New Generation of Investment Policies - UNCTAD
  • Assessing Systemic Trade Interconnectedness - An Empirical Approach - IMF
  • Enhancing surveillance: Interconnectedness and Clusters - IMF
  • Enhancing surveillance: Interconnectedness and Clusters - Background document - IMF
  • Internationalisation Monitor 2012 - Statistics Netherlands
  • From Flying Geese to Leading Dragons - World Bank
  • Staying Competitive in the Global Economy - Compendium of studies on Global Value Chains - OECD
  • World Development Report 2013 - Jobs - World Bank
28 February 2013

Site Relaunch

The Global Forum on International Trade Statistics has been relaunched as the Global Forum on International Trade Statistics and Economic Globalization

The site has been reorganized to better reflect the breakdown of Data, Accounting Systems and Indicators throughout the various topics of publications, working groups, events and projects.

In addition to the content available before, we have overhauled our publications section into a comprehensive and searchable database.

20 April 2012

New Additions

We have added various events, projects, publications and partners to the Global Forum website since our launch 2 months ago. Please click expand below to see the updates.

Events & Projects
  • Event: Latin America's prospects for upgrading in global value chains, Mexico City, 14-15 March 2012
  • Project: WIOD - World Input-Output Database
  • Book: Mapping Global Value Chains // UNIDO
  • Book: White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2011 - Meti, Japan
  • Book: Global Trade in Services: Fear, Facts, and Offshoring – Prof Jensen, Peterson Institute
  • Paper: Measuring business births and deaths in quarterly job-flow data – Statistics New Zealand
  • Paper: Carry-Along Trade – Tuck School, Dartmouth
  • New Zealand - Statistics New Zealand
  • Japan - METI
  • Costa Rica - COMEX
  • WCO
  • World Steel Association
  • USA - Tuck Center for International Business, Dartmouth College
  • USA - Peterson Institute for International Economics
27 July 2012

New Additions

We have added various events, media and publications to the Global Forum website.

Events & Projects
  • Event: Regional Seminar on International Trade Statistics for Arab Countries, Amman, Jordan, 12 – 14 June 2012
  • Event: Joint Kiel Institute-World Bank Workshop on Services, USA, 23 May 2012
  • Video: What is the value-added of Official Statistics in the Measurement of Trade
  • Video: International Trade and Globalization Introduction
  • Video: Towards an Evidence Based Trade Policy in the 21st Century
  • Video: What is the value-added of official statistics in the measurement of trade?
  • Paper: Business Dynamics Statistics Briefing, US Census Bureau
  • Paper: Towards Unrestricted Public Use Business Microdata, US Census Bureau
  • Paper: Making Tax Data Count, Statistics New Zealand
  • Book: Trade and Development Report 1981-2011, UNCTAD
  • Paper: Indirect Trade in Steel, World Steel
  • Paper: Outsourcing and Imported Services in BEA’s Industry Accounts, USBEA
  • Paper: Production Networks and Trade Patterns in East Asia: Regionalization or Globalization?, ADB
  • Paper: Importers, Exporters, and Multi-nationals, Peterson Institute