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Importers, Exporters and Multi-nationals

A Portrait of Firms in the U.S. that Trade Goods
Andrew Bernard Bradford Jensen Peter Schott 2005

A newly developed dataset permits examination of new dimensions of firm activity, including how many products firms trade, how many countries firms trade with, the characteristics of those countries, the concentration of trade across firms, whether firms transact at arm’s length or with related parties, and whether firms import as well as export. Firms that trade goods play an important role in the United States, employing more than a third of the US workforce. The most globally engaged US firms... more »

International Trade: Free, Fair and Open?

Patrick Love Ralph Lattimore 2010
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Trade, like every other aspect of the economy, has been deeply affected by the global recession that started to emerge in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. As this book goes to press, we are projecting a decline in world trade for the first time since 1982. Trade is not at the origin of the crisis, but since it binds economies closely together, it helps to spread developments from one country to another – the negative developments as well as the positive… more »

Labour Markets Trends, Financial Globalization and the Current Crisis in Developing Countries

Rolph van der Hoeven 2010

The current wave of globalization starting around 1999-2000 (with the fall of the Berlin wall, with changes in the concepts of development and with the ensuing capital market liberalization following earlier undertaken trade liberalization) has profound effects on the labour market and on the employment situation of workers all over the world. These effects are in many cases accentuated by the current financial and economic crisis. The purpose of this paper is first to review some general labour market trends in this period of globalization and secondly to highlight especially the labour market trend of financial globalization... more »

Measuring business births and deaths in quarterly job-flow data

Using the Linked Employer-Employee Dataset
Mathew Page 2011

This paper’s purpose is to develop a suitable method to identify the contribution that start-up businesses (business births) make to total job creation in the New Zealand economy. And similarly, the contribution of closing businesses (business deaths) to total job destruction in the economy. Developing this method will enable further research into total job creation and destruction across the economic business cycle... more »

Measuring the Effect of International Relocations on French Economy


As in many other developed countries, international relocations are currently a very hot topic in France. This can be readily concluded from the number of articles devoted by the French newspapers to this subject in 2004, compared to the preceding years (Table 1). A heated debate already took place in the early 1990s, culminating with the reports of Arthuis and Devedjian in 1993… more »

Rural Tourism - A Solution for Employment, Local Development and Environment

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 1997

This publication is a result of the CEU-ETC Joint Seminar, held in Israel during 1996. The purpose of this seminar was to promote an exchange of experience on rural tourism between member countries, including in particular those for whom tourism presents a new challenge.The publication includes a selection of presentations submitted to the seminar, covering subjects such as rural tourism: products, market, and marketing methods; rural tourism and local development, environmental protection, and government aid; rural tourism: professions, training, qualifications, and employment creation; prospects for rural tourism in the future: cooperation to ensure that this product promotes sustainable tourism at local level more »

Trade and Employment in the Global Crisis

Marion Jansen Erik Von Uexkull 2010
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The financial crisis that emerged in the US housing market in 2008 quickly spread around the world to become a truly global economic crisis. While we are seeing output recover around the world, lessons from previous crises tell us that employment is slow to pick up. As a consequence, many of those who lost their job during the crises are still unemployed… more »

Trade Development Report 2010

Employment, Globalization and Development
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The global upturn from what is considered the worst economic and financial crisis since the 1930s remains fragile, and a premature exit from demand-stimulating macroeconomic policies aimed at fiscal consolidation could stall the recovery. A continuation of the expansionary fiscal stance is necessary to prevent a deflationary spiral and a further worsening of the employment situation… more »

Trade in Tasks

Rainer Lanz Sébastien Miroudot Hildegunn K. Nordås 2011

The nature of international trade is changing. For centuries, trade mostly entailed an exchange of goods. Now it increasingly involves bits of value being added in many different locations, or what might be called trade in tasks… more »

World Development Report 2013 - Jobs

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Jobs provide higher earnings and better benefits as countries grow, but they are also a driver of development. Poverty falls as people work their way out of hardship and as jobs empowering women lead to greater investments in children. Efficiency increases as workers get better at what they do, as more productive jobs appear, and less productive ones disappear. Societies flourish as jobs bring together people from different ethnic and social backgrounds and provide alternatives to conflict. Jobs are thus more than a byproduct of economic growth. They are transformational—they are what we earn, what we do, and even who we are. High unemployment and unmet job expectations among youth are the most immediate concerns. But in many developing countries, where farming and self-employment are prevalent and safety nets are modest at best, unemployment rates can be low. In these countries, growth is seldom jobless. Most of the poor work long hours but simply cannot make ends meet. And the violation of basic rights is not uncommon. more »

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2011

The road to recovery from the Great Recession is proving to be long, winding and rocky
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The road to recovery from the Great Recession is proving to be long, winding and rocky. After a year of fragile and uneven recovery, growth of the world economy is now decelerating on a broad front, presaging weaker global growth in the outlook. Weaknesses in major developed economies continue to drag the global recovery and pose risks for world economic stability in the coming years. There will be no quick fix for the problems these economies are still facing in the aftermath of the financial crisis… more »