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Compressed Development in East Asia

Hugh Whittaker Tianbiao Zhu Timothy J. Sturgeon Mon Han Tsai Toshie Okita 2007

In this paper we argue that the path of economic development for would-be developers has changed fundamentally since the 1980s. Focusing on East Asia, we contend that the path followed by ‘late developers’ has shifted to one that can best be described as ‘compressed development.’ We introduce the notion of compressed development to highlight the new policy dilemmas and choices that developing countries face today, which we characterize as ‘policy stretch.’… more »

Imported Intermediate Inputs and Domestic Product Growth: Evidence from India

Pinelopi K. Goldberg Amit Khandelwal Nina Pavcnik Petia Topalova 2008

New goods play a central role in many trade and growth models. We use detailed trade and firm-level data from a large developing economy—India—to investigate the relationship between declines in trade costs, the imports of intermediate inputs and domestic firm product scope. We estimate substantial static gains from trade through access to new imported inputs... more »

International Trade: Free, Fair and Open?

Patrick Love Ralph Lattimore 2010
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Trade, like every other aspect of the economy, has been deeply affected by the global recession that started to emerge in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. As this book goes to press, we are projecting a decline in world trade for the first time since 1982. Trade is not at the origin of the crisis, but since it binds economies closely together, it helps to spread developments from one country to another – the negative developments as well as the positive… more »

Taking stock of reform action and identifying priorities in 2013

Going for Growth
OECD 2013

Structural reforms have gained momentum in the aftermath of the recent recession. This has been driven in part by market pressures in the context of the euro area crisis and by discussions and co-ordinated efforts in multilateral settings such as the G20.1 There is increasing awareness of the necessity to accompany macroeconomic stabilisation policies with structural reforms. Yet, given the weakness of near-term demand prospects, the limited scope for macro policies to further stimulate demand and the still less than fully functioning financial sector in many countries, there is a risk that the benefits from reform may take more time to materialise than in a normal conjuncture... more »

Trade and Economic Growth

Evidence on the Role of Complementarities for CAFTA-DR Countries
César Calderón Virginia Poggio 2010

This paper examines the effects of trade on growth among Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement countries. To accomplish this task, the authors collected a panel data set of 136 countries over 1960– 2010, and estimated cross-country growth regressions using an econometric methodology that accounts for unobserved effects and the likely endogeneity of the growth determinants… more »