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Eurostat Manual on Business Demographic Statistics

Eurostat OECD 2008
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Demand for statistics on business demography has grown and developed considerably in recent years. Data on births and deaths of enterprises, their life expectancy and the important role they play in economic growth and productivity, as well as the information they provide for tackling social demographic issues, are increasingly requested by policy makers and analysts alike... more »

Structural and Demographic Business Statistics December 2006

OECD 2006

The Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS), 2006, publication marks a significant change from the last publication in this area (Structural Statistics for Industry and Services, 2003) in a number of ways. The most important of these is the incorporation, for the first time, of structural business statistics by size class; an important development reflecting the increased policy and analytical focus on entrepreneurship and the role of small and medium enterprises within economies... more »