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Development in an Interdependent World: old issues, new directions?

John Toye 2010

Why does development matter? It matters because we aspire to a more equal world, in which the possibilities of living well are available to all, and not just to a minority of the world’s population. That aspiration requires the convergence of living standards across the globe. Convergence in turn requires the economic development of countries with low standards of living and, in view of the threat of climate change caused by carbon emissions, paths of convergence that are consistent with a low-carbon future for our planet… more »

World Trade Report 2010

Trade in Natural Resources
WTO 2011
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Natural resources represent a significant and growing share of world trade, and properly managed, can provide a variety of products that contribute greatly to the quality of human life. They also present particular challenges for policy makers. The extraction and use of natural resources must balance the competing needs of current and future generations. The manner in which they are managed has important environmental and sustainability implications… more »