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Global Production Networks and Employment

A Developing Country Perspective
Ben Shepherd Susan Stone 2013

This paper provides evidence of the links between Global Value Chains (GVCs) and labour market outcomes, focusing on developing economies. The literature generally indicates that firms with international linkages—which we use here as a proxy for GVC involvement—tend to employ more workers, pay higher wages, and employ more skilled workers than firms that deal exclusively with the domestic market. Our results are consistent with existing evidence found in developed economies, with internationalised firms tending to hire more workers and pay higher wages in developing economies as well... more »

Global Value Chains and Developing Country Employment

A Literature Review
Ben Shepherd 2013

This paper provides a review of the available literature on global value chains (GVCs) and employment markets in developing countries. Due to the difficulty of observing intra-GVC transactions, there is very little direct empirical work on GVCs and labour markets. However, it is possible to extrapolate from the extensive empirical work already undertaken on firm internationalisation and labour markets to draw inferences as to the likely impacts of GVCs. The review therefore focuses on the labour market impacts of three processes that lie at the core of GVC development: importing, exporting, and foreign direct investment (FDI)... more »

Internationalisation Monitor 2009

Statistics Netherlands 2009
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EThe growing internationalisation of the production of goods and services means that national economies are becoming more and more interconnected. This process of economic globalisation is characterised by increasing international trade and foreign direct investments, and by a growing role of multinational enterprises... more »

Internationalisation Monitor 2010

Statistics Netherlands 2010
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Globalisation has become a popular and much discussed topic over the past two decades. International developments have major implications particularly for a small and open economy like the Netherlands. The recent financial and economic crisis illustrates the role the international economy plays for the Netherlands... more »

Internationalisation Monitor 2011

Statistics Netherlands 2011
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Economic globalisation is characterised by increasing international trade, foreign investment and international outsourcing. For the Netherlands, this concerns activities by Dutch multinational firms abroad as well as foreign enterprises in the Netherlands. Not only do these cross-border activities have important economic consequences, they also raise a number of questions with respect to employment... more »

Seizing the benefits of Trade for Employment and Growth


Countries that have embraced openness have been more successful in sustaining growth and moving up the development ladder than those that have not. The available evidence highlights that trade openness will contribute to growth and employment, provided that it is complemented by appropriate policies... more »