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A Global Value Chains: Impacts and Implications

Trade Policy Research 2011
Aaron Sydor 2011
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 It is increasingly rare that a good or a service is entirely produced at one location and then exported to a final consumer. Rather, production of a good or even service involves an increasingly complex process with intermediate inputs and supporting activities sourced globally from wherever it is most efficient to do so. These complex international production arrangements have come to be known as global value chains (GVCs)... more »

A Sorted Tale of Globalization

White Collar Jobs and the Rise of Service Offshoring
Runjuan Liu Daniel Trefler 2011

We study how the rise of trade in services with China and India has impacted U.S. labour markets. The topic has two understudied aspects: it deals with service trade (most studies deal with manufacturing trade) and it examines the historical first of U.S. workers competing with educated but low-wage foreign workers. Our empirical agenda is made complicated by the endogeneity of service imports and the endogenous sorting of workers across occupations... more »

Getting the Numbers Right

International Engineering Education in the United States, China, and India

This article challenges the commonly cited statistics for engineering graduates in the United States, China, and India. Our research shows that the gap between the number of engineers and related technology specialists produced in the United States versus those in India and China is smaller than previously reported, and the United States remains a leading source of high-quality global engineering talent. Furthermore, engineering graduates in China and India face the prospect of substantial unemployment... more »

How Much of Chinese Exports is Really Made In China?

Assessing Domestic Value-Added When Processing Trade is Pervasive
Robert Koopman Zhi Wang Shang-Jin Wei 2008

As China's export juggernaut employs many imported inputs, there are many policy questions for which it is crucial to know the extent of domestic and foreign value added in its exports. The best known approach - the concept of "vertical specialization" proposed by Hummels, Ishii and Yi (2001) - is not appropriate for countries that engage actively in tariff/tax-favored processing exports such as China, Mexico, and Vietnam. We develop a general formula for computing domestic and foreign contents when processing exports are pervasive… more »

New State Practices at a Time of System Disturbance and the Nasty Business of Protectionism — the expectation for global demand management

Daniel Drache 2010

This paper examines the new state practices of demand management and rescue policies. States have become innovative in the current crisis developing highly divergent responses to re-insert government in the management of the economy (Rodrik, 2008). The paper will argue that protectionism of the classical variety is a peanut-sized problem today and that states learned from the mistakes of the Great Depression when Everest-sized trade walls brought global trade to… more »

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Off-farm Employment and Earnings in Rural China

Jikun Huang Huayong Zhi Zhurong Huang Scott Rozelle John Giles 2010

This paper examines the effect of the financial crisis on off-farm employment of China’s rural labor force. Using a national representative data set collected from across China, the paper finds that there was a substantial impact. By April 2009 the reduction in off-farm employment as a result of the crises was 6.8 percent of the rural labor force. Monthly earnings also declined… more »