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2 March 2015
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Lunchtime Seminar on

Migration statistics in the context of the post-2015 development agenda

4 March 2015,
1:15 Ė 2:30 pm
Venue: Conference Room 12 (CB)
United Nations, New York

In the Declaration of the 2013 High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (A/RES/68/4), the General Assembly acknowledged the important contribution of migration in realizing the Millennium Development Goals, and recognized that human mobility was a key factor for sustainable development. Subsequently, the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals proposed several targets related to international migration, migrants and mobility in the their outcome document. In December 2014, the Secretary-General suggested in his synthesis report that the United Nations system develop a draft set of indicators for the sustainable goals and targets as formulated by the Open Working Group.

The purpose of side event is to present an illustrative set of migration related indicators for monitoring the implementation of the migration related goals and targets proposed for the 2015 United Nations development agenda, and propose a strategy for implementation of migration indicators at the country level. The side event will present the outcomes of three technical retreats, organized by the Global Migration Group, in collaboration with the Knowledge Platform on Migration and Development (World Bank), the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on International Migration and Development and civil society. The side event will present elements of a strategy to implement migration related indicators at the country level. Participants will also be briefed on the next steps in preparing indicators for the post-2015 development agenda and on the views from civil society on the formulation of migration-related indicators.

The side event will highlight the need to improve migration data from traditional data sources, including population censuses, administrative sources, and household surveys. Examples of the potential contribution of non-traditional data sources related to migrants, migration and mobility will also be presented.


United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD),
United Nations Population Division (UNPD)
and International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Indicators for the post-2015 UN development agenda:
Current status and future steps Keiko Osaki Tomita, Statistics Division, DESA
Illustrative list of migration indicators: presentation
A GMG proposal Frank Laczko, Migration Research Division, International Organization for Migration
Building capacities for the production and use of migration data: presentation
Bela Hovy, Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Migration indicators for post-2015: presentation
A civil society perspective Mary Jo Toll, NGO Committee on Migration
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