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2 March 2015
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High Level Forum on Partnership for Capacity in the context of the Data Revolution

2 March 2014,
3:00 - 6:00 pm
Venue: Conference Room 1 (CB)
United Nations, New York

The High Level Forum is organized in response to the Statistics Commission’s decision 45/103, which among others, called for engagement in the debate on the data revolution, and reiterated the critical need for adequate statistical capacity, both technical and institutional, and the need for coordinated efforts and investments to fill the data gaps and satisfy the new data requirements.

The Forum will bring together official statisticians with the purpose to discuss and identify the elements of a future global strategic framework for training, knowledge management and sharing. It will seek to formulate an adequate response to the increasing and changing demand for building human capacity, in particular training, in the era of data revolution, with a view to facilitate the modernization of official statistics and improve the ability of the national statistical systems to inform decision makers and monitor the post-2015 development agenda effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

All participants of the forthcoming Statistical Commission are cordially invited. The Forum is also open to policy makers and experts of civil society, academia and the private sector. Presentations will be followed by general discussion.

United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Keynote speaker and moderator:
Enrico Giovannini
(University of Rome “Tor Vergata”)
Setting the Scope: Building Technical, Financial and Human Capacities for the Data Revolution
(bio, abstract, presentation)

Lisa Grace S. Bersales
(Philippine Statistics Authority)
Capacity Building of National Statistics Offices in the Context of Data Revolution:
Experience from the Philippines
(bio, abstract, presentation)
Vijay Nair
(International Statistical Institute)
Training and Capacity Building in the Era of Big Data:
Partnerships with Academia, Business and Industry
(bio, abstract, presentation)
Margarita Guerrero
(United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific)
Building Capacity: the Perspective of the Trainer
(bio, abstract, presentation)
Pieter Everaers
Recruiting, Training and Development: New Approaches
(bio, abstract, presentation)