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23 February 2015
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Wednesday Lunchtime Seminar on

Big Data:
How do we meet the expectations?

4 March 2015,
1:15 Ė 2:30 pm
Venue: Conference Room 1 (CB)
United Nations, New York

(Photos from the Seminar)

At its 45th session last year, the Statistical Commission recognized the importance of Big Data for official statistics and established a Global Working Group to develop guidance in this area. Big Data are potentially useful for official statistics, but require new tools and methods for capturing, managing and processing them efficiently. To take full advantage of these data sources, we need to adequately address issues pertaining to methodology, quality, technology, data access, legislation, privacy, management and finance, and provide adequate cost-benefit analyses.

This lunchtime seminar will focus on the strategies developed by some national statistical offices to incorporate Big Data into the operations of the institute. They will also give examples of some Big Data projects undertaken by their offices.

The seminar is open and time will be made available for questions and answers.

Click on link for more info on UN Big Data for Official Statistics.

United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Chair and Panelists
Mr. Trevor Sutton, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Mrs. Susan Teltscher, International Telecommunication Union, presentation
Dr. Khalifa Al Barwani, National Centre for Statistics and Information, Oman, presentation
Mr. Emanuele Baldacci, ISTAT, Statistics Italy, presentation
Mr. Bert Kroese, CBS, Statistics Netherlands, presentation