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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
16 February 2011
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Learning Centre:
Business Cycle Analytics: Tracers, Clocks and Dashboards

21 February 2011, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Venue: DC1 3rd Floor Staff Lounge
United Nations, New York

Official statistical agencies possess a treasure of statistical data of which a large part is under-used. The potential user may not know the existence of the data or doesnít realize their relevance for monitoring developments or the information is just too difficult to find in the masses of data available.

Official statistical agencies can solve a part of this problem by making existing statistics more accessible and help users by the interpretation of the information. Statistical agencies could also practice statistical story telling to reach a larger number of potential users.

In this seminar, organized by UNSD and Statistics Netherlands, three countries, The Netherlands, Korea and Mexico will share their experiences in the implementation of business cycle tracers or clocks to enhance the understanding of the movement of the economy. The tools and the underlying data make the complex phenomena of tracking the direction of the economy accessible to all kind of users. We are pleased to invite you to this learning center event.

Organizers: United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), Statistics Netherlands
Seminar Programme/Agenda
Introduction: Chair Geert Bruinooge, Deputy Director-General Statistics Netherlands
Business Cycle Factsheet
Wouter Jonkers, Statistics Netherlands
Why did INEGI implement the business cycle clock of Mexico?
Eduardo Sojo Garza Aldape, Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia, Mexico
A business cycle clock (BCC) in Korea (R.O.K.)
Mr.Chang-ick KANG, Statistics Korea