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23 February 2010

PARIS21 Meeting on Strategic Planning on Statistical Development for fragile states

20 February 2010, 10:00 am Ė 1:00 pm
Conference Room DC2-2330
United Nations, New York

In the margins of the 41st session of the UN Statistical Commission, PARIS21 and UNSD will co-organise a side meeting on Strategic Planning in Statistical Development for Fragile and Post-Conflict States.

The objective of the meeting will be to enable fragile and post-conflict states to share experiences across regions and to consider possible collaboration among partners to support their strategic planning and statistical development efforts.

Organizer: PARIS21

Seminar Programme/Agenda


Afghanistan Experience
Abdul Rahman Ghafoori, President General, Central Statistics Organization


Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mr. Zdenko Milinovic, Director, Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  Case of Palestine
Ola Awad, Acting President, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics


Proposed Collaboration in Strategic Planning in Statistical Development for Fragile and Post-Conflict States
Eric Bensel, PARIS21

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