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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
16 February 2010

New Developments in ICT Statistics

23 February 2010, 9:00 – 10:00 am
Conference Room B (TNLB)
United Nations, New York

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a rapidly evolving sector, for which statistical standards and definitions need to be revised and adapted continuously. As the main data collectors, national statistical agencies therefore need to be aware of the latest developments in ICT statistics. This side event will present recent progress made to improve internationally comparable ICT data, and launch the 2010 edition of the Core ICT Indicators publication by the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development. Delegates will also be briefed about an upcoming global seminar on ICT statistics hosted by the Republic of Korea. Participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback on current and future ICT-related topics that will be addressed in July in Seoul.

Organizers: International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Seminar Programme/Agenda

Introductory remarks by the Chair
Torbjörn Fredriksson, Officer-in-Charge, ICT Analysis Section, UNCTAD


Overview of recent developments in ICT statistics
Susan Teltscher, Head, Market Information and Statistics Division, ITU


Briefing on Seminar on ICT Statistics, 19-21 July 2010, Seoul, Korea
Ralf Becker, Chief, Economic Statistics and Classification Section, UNSD
Kyunng-Ae Park, Director, International Statistical Cooperation Office, Statistics Korea



Presentations / Documents introduced at the meeting

New Developments in ICT Statistics (UNCTAD)


New Developments in ICT Statistics (ITU)


Global Seminar on Information and Communication Technology Statistics (UNSD)


Seminar on ICT Statistics (Statistics Korea)
Presentation , Video


Core ICT indicators 2010