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Updating the 1993 SNA - Global Review on Volume 2

Deadline for comments:15 February 2009
Number of comments:48
Volume 2 (Click on the pdf icon to see the comment)
  Document containing Volume 2 of the 2008 SNA for global review
Outcome of the Global Review on Volume 2 of the 2008 SNA (Click on the pdf icon to see the document)
  PDF Comparison between the pre-edit white-cover version and the version for global review of Volume 2
  Document containing the outcome of the global review on Volume 2 of the 2008 SNA
Useful Documents for the Review (Click on the pdf icon to see the comment)
  Document containing the Full Set of Consolidated Recommendations (FSCR)
Approved by the UN Statistical Commission in 2007
  Document containing a Supplement to the FSCR - ISWGNA decisions on clarifications and consistency issues that flowed from the FSCR
Comments on Volume 2
 (Click on the pdf icon to see the comment)
6/1/2009Sri Lanka  sriLanka.pdf
3/24/2009Czech Republic  czechr.pdf
3/16/2009Italy  italy.pdf
2/26/2009Central Bank of Uzbekistan  uzbekistanCB.pdf
2/20/2009Central Bank of West African States  bceao.pdf
2/18/2009Central Bank of Nicaragua  nicaraguaCB.pdf
2/18/2009National Bank of Moldova  moldovacb.pdf
2/18/2009Federal Reserve Bank of the US  usacb.pdf
2/18/2009Austria  austria.pdf
2/18/2009Central Bank of El Salvador  elsalvadorCB.pdf
2/17/2009Central Bank of Honduras  hondurasCB.pdf
2/17/2009Philippines  philippines.pdf
2/16/2009UN Economic Commission for Europe  ece.pdf
2/16/2009European Central Bank  ecb.pdf
2/16/2009United Kingdom  uk.pdf
2/16/2009Israel  israel.pdf
2/16/2009Armenia  armenia.pdf
2/16/2009National Bank of Cambodia  cambodiaCB.pdf
2/16/2009Bank of Thailand  thailandCB.pdf
2/15/2009International Labour Organization  ilo.pdf
2/15/2009Denmark  denmark.pdf
2/15/2009UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia  escwa.pdf
2/14/2009Netherlands  netherlands.pdf
2/14/2009Germany  germany.pdf
2/14/2009USA  usa.pdf
2/13/2009Bank of Guatemala  guatemalaCB.pdf
2/13/2009Central Bank of Chile  chileCB.pdf
2/13/2009Reserve Bank of South Africa  southAfricaCB.pdf
2/13/2009National Bank of Croatia  croatiaCB.pdf
2/13/2009Central Bank of Armenia  armeniaCB.pdf
2/13/2009National Bank of Macedonia  macedoniaCB.pdf
2/13/2009Bank of Indonesia  indonesiaCB.pdf
2/13/2009Bank of England  ukCB.pdf
2/13/2009Finland  finland.pdf
2/13/2009Viet Nam  vietnam.pdf
2/13/2009Australia  australia.pdf
2/13/2009New Zealand  newZealand.pdf
2/13/2009Canada  canada.pdf
2/12/2009Romania  romania.pdf
2/12/2009Estonia  estonia.pdf
2/11/2009Macao  macao.pdf
2/11/2009Hong Kong  hk.pdf
2/10/2009Brazil  brazil.pdf
2/10/2009Bank of Korea  koreaCB.pdf
2/9/2009Bank of Norway  norwayCB.pdf
1/22/2009Bank of Lithuania  lithuaniaCB.pdf
1/22/2009Palestine  palestine.pdf
1/20/2009Central Bank of Bahrain  bahrainCB.pdf
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