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Chapter detail

Chapter title in the 1993 SNA, Rev.1 ("New" publication)
6. The production account
Reference text of the 1993 SNA ("Old" publication)
6. The production account
Issues affecting this chapter (For more information on an issue click corresponding issue from the list below)
2. Employer retirement pension schemes
3. Employee stock options
5. Non-life insurance services
6.a. Financial services
9. Research and development
10. Patented entities
11. Originals and copies
12. Databases
15. Cost of capital services: production account
16. Government owned assets
17. Mineral exploration
18. Right to use/exploit non-produced resources between residents and non-residents
19. Military expenditures
20. Land
21. Contracts and leases of assets
23. Obsolescence and depreciation
32. Informal sector
33. Illegal and underground activities
36. Private/public/government sectors delineation (sectorization boundaries)
37. Activation of guarantees (contingent assets) and constructive obligations
40. Goods sent abroad for processing
41. Merchanting
43.a. Treatment of index linked debt instruments
43.b. Debt indexed to a foreign currency
43.c. Interest at concessional rates
43.d. Fees payable on securities lending and gold loans
Chapter status and available drafts
2008 UNSC DRAFT (for global review by 30 April 2008)
 Draft chapter:    (File contains bookmarks)
 Posted on:12/21/2007
 Deadline for comments:2008-04-30
 Number of comments:See comments on the global review of Volume 1
 Draft chapter:
 Posted on:2/14/2007
 Deadline for comments:4/15/2007
 Template for comments:
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