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37. Activation of guarantees (contingent assets) and constructive obligations
Issue description and recommendation

Loan guarantees have a significant impact on economic behavior, especially when issued by government. The 1993 SNA treats guarantees as contingent liabilities and thus has no record of the existence of the guarantee until it is activated. Further, the treatment of flows arising at the activation is not explicit. Should obligations arising from guarantees be recognized when guarantees are granted, particularly regarding those guarantees for which it is possible to make reasonable estimates of expected future claims?

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Chapters affected by this issue, and their status (For more information click corresponding chapter from the list)
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6. The production account
7. The distribution of income accounts
8. The redistribution of income accounts
9. The use of income accounts
10. The capital account
11. The financial account
12. The other changes in assets accounts
13. The balance sheet
17. Cross-cutting and other special issues
22. The general government and public sectors

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