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21. Contracts and leases of assets
Issue description and recommendation

The 1993 SNA refers to contracts, leases and licences in a number of contexts but there is no overview that sets out the principles of the appropriate treatment of all such arrangements. Further, clarification is desirable concerning several specific points:
1. the definition and treatment of operating and financial leases on fixed assets,
2. when legal constructs should be recognized as assets,
3. whether tradable government permits should be treated as assets,
4. can sub-contracting lead to the creation of an asset,
5. can a difference between a contract price and the corresponding prevailing price affect the treatment of existing leases.

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3. Stocks, flows and accounting rules
6. The production account
7. The distribution of income accounts
8. The redistribution of income accounts
10. The capital account
12. The other changes in assets accounts
13. The balance sheet
17. Cross-cutting and other special issues

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