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Glossary of the 1993 SNA

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Tangible fixed assets
Tangible non-produced assets
Tax on a product
Taxes (recurrent) on land, buildings or other structures
Taxes and duties on imports
Taxes on capital gains
Taxes on capital transfers
Taxes on entertainment
Taxes on financial and capital transactions
Taxes on income
Taxes on individual or household income
Taxes on international transactions
Taxes on lotteries, gambling and betting
Taxes on pollution
Taxes on production and imports
Taxes on products
Taxes on specific services
Taxes on the income of corporations
Taxes on the use of fixed assets
Taxes on winnings from lotteries or gambling
Taxes paid to obtain business and professional licences
Taxes resulting from multiple exchange rates
Time of acquisition
Time reversal test
Tör nqvist price index
Tör nqvist volume index
Total economy
Total final consumption
Total hours worked
Trade credits and advances
Trade margin
Trading gains and losses
Transactions account
Transfer in kind
Transfer price
Transferable deposits
Transfers of individual non-market goods or services
Transitivity (in international comparisons)
Transport equipment (as assets)
Transport margin
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