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Glossary of the 1993 SNA

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SAM (social accounting matrix)
Satellite accounts
SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)
Secondary activity
Secondary distribution of income account
Sectors (or “institutional sectors”)
Securities other than shares
Self-employed workers
Shares and other equities
Short-term loans
Short-term securities other than shares
Single indicator method of deflation
SNA (System of National Accounts)
Social accounting matrix (SAM)
Social assistance benefits
Social assistance benefits in cash
Social assistance benefits in kind
Social benefits
Social benefits in kind
Social benefits in kind Social benefits other than social transfers in kind
Social contributions
Social contributions by self-employed and non-employed persons
Social insurance benefits
Social insurance schemes
Social security benefits - reimbursements
Social security benefits in cash
Social security funds
Social security schemes
Social transfers in kind
Special drawing rights (SDRs)
Stamp taxes
State government
Straight-line depreciation
Subsidiary corporation
Subsidies on payroll or workforce
Subsidies on production - other
Subsidies on products - other
Subsidies on products used domestically
Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations
Subsidies to reduce pollution
Subsidy on a product
Subsoil assets
Supply and use tables
Swap - foreign exchange
Swap - interest rate
Swaps - cross-currency interest rate
Symmetric tables
System of National Accounts (SNA)
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