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Issues Under Discussion

Updated - August 2017.

The table presents issues that have been considered so far by the ISWGNA and AEG. They are organized in three categories according to the status of the discussion as follow: Resolved, In progress and New issues.

Holding gains and losses in the estimates of investment income New issue
Treatment of the output of international financial institutions New issue
Valuation of natural resources New issue
Treatment of statistical units in supply and use tables and institutional sector accounts New issue
Capital income of insurer’s own funds New issue
Capital services of assets not contributing to production New issue
Statistical units In progress
Islamic finance In progress
Table on household retirement resources In progress
Accounting for pension In progress
Factoryless goods producers In progress
FISIM recording In progress
Treatment of land Resolved
Global production Resolved
Delineation of holding companies and head offices Resolved
Research and development Resolved
Deposit insurance and financial stability schemes Resolved
Treatment of freight and insurance in the 2008 SNA Resolved
Output of central banks Resolved
Service lives of military weapons systems Resolved
Definition of catastrophes in the context of measurement of non-life insurance Resolved
Emissions permits issued under cap-and-trade schemes Resolved
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