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MBS Online data dictionary
capital goods
Description Pure-bred breeding animals, metal containers for storage or transport, hand tools, armoured and reinforced safes and the like of base metal, boilers and auxiliary plant, turbines, engines and motors, agricultural and horticultural or forestry machinery, construction and mining machinery, manufacturing machinery, self-propelled works trucks and other lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery, weighing machinery and other appliances, office machines, audio and video apparatus and telecommunications equipment, electrical machines and apparatus, transportation installations and floating structures, boilers, devices, appliances and instruments, meters and other measuring instruments and apparatus, cinematographic cameras and projectors, time measurement instruments, amusement equipment, office or desk equipment of base metal, tailors’ dummies and displays, motorcars and other motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, containers specially designed and equipped for transport, rail locomotives, tenders, coaches, railway or tramway passenger coaches, freight and maintenance cars, helicopters, space craft (including satellites) and spacecraft launch vehicles, balloons and dirigibles, tankers, fishing vessels, refrigerated vessels, ships, tugs, outboard motors, bicycles, trailers, aeroplanes and other aircraft, gliders, rowing boats and canoes, rafts (9, divisions 4 and 5).
Source United Nations, Classification by Broad Economic Categories Defined in terms of SITC, Rev.4, Series M, No. 53, Rev. 4 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.89.XVII.8).
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