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MBS Online data dictionary
wages, earnings
Description Wage rates should include basic wages, cost-of-living allowances and other guaranteed and regularly paid allowances, but exclude overtime payments, bonuses and gratuities, family allowances and other social security payments made by employers. Statistics of earnings should relate to employees’ gross remuneration. i.e. the total before any deductions are made by the employer in respect of taxes, contributions of employees to social security and pension schemes, life insurance premiums, union dues and other obligations of employees. The different types of wages statistics are per hour, per day, per week, per month. Earnings relates to remuneration in cash and in kind paid to employees, as a rule at regular intervals, for time worked or work done together with remuneration for time not worked, such as for annual vacation, other paid leave or holidays. The current statistics programme to meet short-term needs should cover: (a) statistics of average earnings and hours of work (including, if possible, hours actually worked) and (b) statistics of time rates of wages and normal hours of work. The non-current statistics programme to provide benchmark data as well as other detailed data to meet long-term and continuing needs should include: (a) statistics of wage structure and distribution and (b) statistics of labour cost (4).
Source International Labour Organization, Current International Recommendations on Labour Statistics, 1988 Edition (Geneva).
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