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Technical notes

Table Index of industrial production
Technical note

The national indices in this table are shown for the categories "Mining", "Manufacturing", "Electricity, gas and steam" and "Water; waste management", corresponding to sections B, C, D and E of ISIC Rev.4. Major deviations from ISIC in the scope of the indices for the above categories are indicated in the titles or by footnotes to the table. Therefore, ideally, this would cover the complete scope of industrial statistics, namely ISIC Rev.4 sections B, C, D and E. For the purpose of presentation, the national indices have been rebased to 2010 = 100, where necessary.

Unless otherwise stated, industry categories are based on ISIC Rev.4 and the monthly and quarterly indices are not adjusted for differences in the number of working days or for seasonal variation.

Data source United Nations Statistics Division, Index Numbers of Industrial Production and country responses to the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics questionnaires, supplemented by international and national publications.
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