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Technical notes

Table World exports by provenance and destination
Technical note
The purpose of this table is to provide a summary of total exports within and between important economic and geographic areas of the world.

The economic and geographic groupings in this table are in accordance with those of Table 34 in this issue.

Export data in this table are largely comparable to that shown in Table 34 except that Table 34 contains revised data for total exports which are not incorporated into this table if the corresponding revised data by country of destination are not available. Also, the regional totals shown in Table 34 have been adjusted to exclude the re-exports of countries comprising each region. This adjustment is not made in this table since re-exports are often not available by destination.

The data approximate total exports of all countries and areas of the world. They are based on official export figures converted, where necessary, to U.S. dollars according to conversion factors published in table 37 each quarter in this Bulletin (March, June, September and December). Where official figures are not available estimates based on the imports reported by partner countries and on other subsidiary data are used. Some official national data have been adjusted to approximate calendar years. The data include special category (confidential) exports, ships' stores and bunkers and exports of minor importance, the destination of which cannot be determined. These data are included in the total exports, but are excluded from all regions of destination.

Data source United Nations Statistics Division, commodity trade statistics database (COMTRADE).
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