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Technical notes

Table Construction of new buildings
Technical note

New public and private construction activity completed (including restoration and conversion) in urban and rural areas.


New construction. The erection of an entirely new structure. Extensions are normally included with new construction.

Dwellings. Rooms or suite of rooms suitable for occupancy by one family.

Building. Independent structure covered by a roof, enclosed with walls which extend from the foundation to the roof.

Residential and non-residential buildings. A building should be regarded as residential when the major part of the building (i.e. more than half of its floor area) is used for dwelling purposes.

Other buildings should be regarded as non-residential (i.e. industrial, commercial, educational, health and other).

Floor area of buildings.

The sum of the area or volume of each floor of the building measured to the outer surface of the outer walls.

Useful floor space of dwelling. The floor space of dwellings measured inside the outer walls, excluding cellars, non-habitable attics and in multi-dwelling buildings all the common spaces.

Construction authorized. Building projects for which a permit has been issued.

Construction started. The first physical operations on the construction site.

Construction completed. The building is physically ready to be occupied.

Data source United Nations Statistics Division, country responses to the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics questionnaire, supplemented by international and national publications.
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