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Technical notes

Table Civil aviation traffic
Technical note

The monthly data presented refer to revenue scheduled traffic of airlines registered in the country, i.e. passenger-kilometres performed or freight tonne-kilometres performed for which remuneration is received and on flights performed according to a published timetable as reported to ICAO by its Member States. When data are reported to ICAO on an annual or quarterly basis, they are shown in this table equally distributed on a monthly basis for the reporting period. Only the data reported by ICAO Member States are included in this table. For additional data, please consult the ICAO’s website ( Annual data are presented there which may include both ICAO estimates for missing data (for carriers that do not report each month) and reported data.

Revenue scheduled flights: Flights scheduled and performed for remuneration according to a published timetable, or so regular or frequent as to constitute a recognizably systematic series, which are open to direct booking by members of the public; and extra section flights occasioned by overflow traffic from scheduled flights.

Passenger-kilometres performed: A passenger-kilometre is performed when a passenger is carried one kilometre. Passenger-kilometres equal the sum of the products obtained by multiplying the number of revenue passengers carried on each flight stage by the stage distance. The resultant figure is equal to the number of kilometres travelled by all passengers.

Freight tonne-kilometres performed: A freight tonne-kilometre is performed when a metric tonne of freight is carried one kilometre. Freight tonne-kilometres equal the sum of the products obtained by multiplying the number of tonnes of freight, and express and diplomatic bags carried on each flight stage by the stage distance. For ICAO statistical purposes, freight includes express and diplomatic bags but not passenger baggage.

Flight stage: A flight stage is the operation of an aircraft from take-off to its next landing. Furthermore, a flight stage is classified as either international or domestic.

International flight stage: A flight stage with one or both terminals in the territory of a State, other than the State in which the air carrier has its principal place of business.

Domestic flight stage: A flight stage not classifiable as international, i.e. domestic flight stages include all flight stages flown between points within the domestic boundaries of a State by an air carrier whose principal place of business is in that State. Flight stages between a State and territories belonging to it, as well as any flight stages between two such territories, should be classified as domestic. This applies even though a stage may cross international waters or over the territory of another State.

Additional terms and descriptions used in civil aviation statistics are available at

Data source International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal, ICAO Air Transport Reporting Forms A and A-S.
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