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Technical notes

Table International maritime transport: freight loaded, unloaded
Technical note Unless otherwise stated, the figures represent the weight of all goods (including packing) and livestock in external trade loaded on and unloaded from sea-going vessels of all flags at the ports of the country in question. (A vessel is said to be sea-going if part at least of its voyage, while carrying the goods in question, is by sea).

The goods excluded are: mail, bullion, specie, passengers’ baggage, bunkers, ships’ stores, ballast, ships and other floating appliances when delivered as goods without being loaded on other ships, government stores when carried in government vessels, and goods trans-shipped from an importing vessel to an exporting vessel. Goods unloaded into or loaded from bonded warehouses are included.

Data source United Nations Statistics Division, country responses to the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics questionnaire, supplemented by international and national publications.
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