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Technical notes

Table Estimates of mid-year population
Technical note

Mid-year population estimates refer to 1 July of the reference year unless otherwise stated, and are presented as reported by national statistical authorities to the United Nations Demographic Yearbook or the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. The data are presented in thousands, rounded by the Statistics Division. Estimates are coded in the table as either de facto (DF) or de jure (DJ). A de facto population consists of all persons who are physically present in the country or area at the reference date, whether or not they are usual and/or legal residents. The de jure population, by contrast, includes all usual residents of the given country or area, whether or not they were physically present in the area at the reference date. By definition, therefore, de facto and de jure estimates are not entirely comparable.

Furthermore, international comparability of the mid-year population estimates is affected by the lack of strict conformity to either de facto or de jure or concepts with regard to inclusions and exclusions of particular individuals in the population. Significant exceptions with respect to inclusions and exclusions of specific population groups are footnoted when they are known.

This table includes only official national population estimates reported to the United Nations Statistics Division. For United Nations population estimates, refer to the United Nations Population Division's Internet site:

Data source United Nations Statistics Division, Demographic Statistics Database and country responses to the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics questionnaire.
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