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         Environment Glossary


The present glossary has been compiled from glossaries in Glossaries of Environment Statistics (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.96.XVII.12) and Handbook of National Accounting: Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting -- An operational Manual (United Nations publication, Sales No. 00.XVII.17). To order these publications in print, go to publications

It covers the areas of environment statistics, environmental and sustainable development indicators, and environmental accounting. In selecting the terms, the focus has been on the requirements of environmental statisticians and environmental accountants, with some reference to the possible use of environmental data in management and policy analysis. While catering to the needs of data producers, the glossary might thus also be useful for data users.

The present glossary is an unofficial compilation from the sources cited and represents work in progress. Your contributions to its improvement would be greatly appreciated. Your comments should be sent to : envstats@un.org

Glossary of Environment Statistics
Series F, No. 67, Sales No. 96.XVII. 12 (A, C, E, F, R, S)