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February 2006


International Work Session on Water Statistics

Session 1: The need for water statistics: information for water policies

Session 1.1 The Data Needs of UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook (GEO 4) (R. Robarts, GEMS/Water)

Session 1.2 The Indicators for the Second World Water Development Report (T. Jimbow, UNESCO)

Session 1.3  Information needed to support national sustainable water policies (J-M. Chéné, UN DSD)

Session 1.4  Water Information System for Europe and the EU (A. Gendebien, WRc)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 1.5  Monitoring and Reporting in the EU's Water Initiative (U. Triulzi, IPALMO)

Session 2a: Water statistics collected by international organizations

Session 2a.1  The UNSD/UNEP & OECD/EUROSTAT Questionnaires (U. Wieland, UNSD)

Session 2a.2  Links between water accounting tables and UNSD/UNEP and OECD/Eurostat questionnaires - Towards the harmonization of water statistics and accounting (A. Alfieri, UNSD)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 2a.3  AQUASTAT – Getting to grips with water information for agriculture (K. Frenken, FAO)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 2a.4  GEMS/Water Questionnaire (R. Robarts, GEMS/Water)

Session 2a.5  Status and Needs of Water Statistics in the ESCWA region (W. AboulHosn, ESCWA)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 2a.6  Towards hamonization of the water reporting process (R. Vannevel, FEA)

Session 2b: Water accounting: challenges and opportunities

Session 2b.1  Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting and Water Resource Accounting (A. Alfieri, UNSD)

Session 2b.2  Institutional Arrangements and the Water Data Centre - Case study of the Republic of Moldova (J. Tafi, Moldova)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 2b.3  Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of an Integrated System of Environmental and Economic Accounts, Starting with Water Accounts (O. LUCIANO LÓPEZ, Dominican Republic)

Session 3a: Information on water resources

Session 3a.1  Key water resources statistics in AQUASTAT – FAO’s Global Information System on Water and Agriculture (K. Frenken, FAO)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 3a.2  Water Resources Data for Nile Basin (R.J. Mngodo, Ministry of Water and Livestock Development, Tanzania)
Abstract,   PaperPresentation

Session 3a.3  Water Resources Information in Yemen (Q.Y.A.M. Al-Abashi, National Water Resources Authority, Yemen)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 3a.4  The Water Data Centre and case study on water accounts in the Republic of Moldova (J. Tafi, Water Data Center, Moldova)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 3a.5  Water Statistics in the Mekong River Basin (U. Hedlund, Mekong River Commission)

Session 3b: Information on waste water generation and treatment

Session 3b.1  Wastewater generation & treatment: the questionnaires and water accounting tables (M. Nagy, Umweltbundesamt, Austria)
Abstract Presentation

Session 3b.2  Reliable Statistics on wastewater (B. Fribourg-Blanc, International Water Office, France)
Abstract PaperPresentation

Session 3b.3  Water Statistics in Chile: Essential topics, problems and solutions (D. Rojas, INE, Chile)
Abstract,   PaperPresentation

Session 3b.4  Industrial wastewater generation and treatment – data collection and gaps to questionnaire requirements (Slovenia) (D. Sabic, Statistical Office, Slovenia)
Abstract Paper,   Presentation

Session 3b.5  Information on Wastewater Generation and Treatment in Germany (B. Hein, Statistisches Bundesamt, Germany)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 3b.6  Status of Wastewater Generation and Treatment in India (R.M. Bhardwaj, Central Pollution Control Board, India)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 4a: Information on water supply and use

Session 4a.1  General Presentation of the Information Required by the Questionnaires (UNSD)

Session 4a.2 
Collecting, Processing and Presenting Water Statistics in the Republic of Belarus (Z. Vasilevskaya, Ministry of Statistics&Analysis, Belarus)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 4a.3
  Water supply and water use Statistics in Jordan (K. Raddad, Dept. of Statistics, Jordan)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 4a.4
  Water Statistics in Brazil: An Overview (J. Clevelario Junior, IBGE, Brazil)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 4a.5  An integrated approach for Water Statistics (G. D'Amore, ICstat)
Abstract,   PaperPresentation

Session 4b: Information on emissions of pollutants to water

Session 4b.1  Overview of emissions to water existing data collections (D. Preux, Office International de l'Eau, France)
Abstract, Paper,   Presentation

Session 4b.2  Testing a Methodology to estimate wastewater generation and water pollution loads from the industry sector (E. Grüner, Statistical Office, Estonia)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 4b.3  NAMWA: A new integrated river basin information system (S. Schenau, CBS, Netherlands)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 5a: Information on water quality

Session 5a.1  Towards Harmonisation of the Water Reporting Process (R. Vannevel, Belgium)
Paper,   Presentation

Session 5a.2 Water Quality Monitoring in India - Achievements and Constraints (R.M. Bhardwaj, Central Pollution Control Board, India)
PaperAbstract,   Presentation

Session 5a.3  Water Quality Indicators for the La Plata River Basin (O.E. Natale, CTUA-INA, Argentina)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 5a.4  Overview of the Situation and Challenges for Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting in South Africa (W. Nomquphu, Dept. of Water Affairs&Forestry, South Africa)
Abstract Paper,    Presentation

Session 5a.5  Quality of groundwater (A. Scheidleder, Umweltbundesamt, Austria)
Abstract,   Presentation

Session 5a.6 A National Water Quality Indicator for Canada - A Demonstration of Reporting on Competitiveness and Environmental Sustainability (R. Kent, Environment Canada)
Abstract Presentation

Session 5a.7 State of water quality assessment reporting at the global level (R. Robarts GEMS/UNEP)

Session 5b: Information needed for water pricing & expenditure on water

Session 5b.1 The Environemental Protection Expenditure Questionnaire (J. Hanauer, Eurostat)

Session 5b.2 The Austrian Experience in collecting data on Expenditure on Water (E. Milota, Statistik Austria)

Session 5b.3  Water prices and households’ available income (A. Courtecuisse, Agence de l’Eau Artois-Picardie)
Abstract,   Paper,   Presentation

Session 5b.4 The Dutch system of Water Accounts (S. Schenau, CBS)

GIS as a tool for water management

GIS in water management - Regional, national and international level - examples from Austria (G. Vincze, Umweltbundesamt, Austria)

Use of Integrated Datasets and GIS for Flood Mapping - An introduction (U. Hedlund, Mekong River Commission)