United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
25 - 27 June 2014, New York


List of Documents

  Resource Guide for Participants PDF 178 KB
  UNCEEA/9/1 Agenda PDF 23 KB
  UNCEEA/9/2a Minutes of the meeting PDF 23 KB
  UNCEEA/9/2b List of Participants PDF 33 KB
  UNCEEA/9/3a The use of a systems approach for the derivation of indicators in the context of the Post-2015 Development Agenda: The role of the SEEA  
  - Draft paper PDF 112 KB
  - Presentation PDF 612 KB
  UNCEEA/9/3b Letter to the Chairs of the Friends of the Chair Group on Broader Measures of Progress  
  - Letter PDF 19 KB
  UNCEEA/9/3c Indicators for the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Principles and Recommendations from the UNSD / SDSN Expert Roundtable  
  - Presentation PDF 472 KB
  UNCEEA/9/3d Friends of the Chair Group on broader measures of progress  
  - Presentation PDF 93 KB
  UNCEEA/9/3e Eurostat's indicator and environmental accounts activities  
  - Presentation PDF 1,823 KB
  UNCEEA/9/4a Briefing note on Natural Capital Coalition  
  - Paper PDF 255 KB
  UNCEEA/9/4b The Natural Capital Declaration and Roadmap: Financial sector leadership on natural capital  
  - Presentation PDF 528 KB
  UNCEEA/9/4c Redefining Value: Measuring & Reporting for Business  
  - Presentation PDF 935 KB
  UNCEEA/9/4d Alignment of SD at the National, Company and Product Level  
  - Presentation PDF 168 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5a SEEA Technical Notes and Core Tables and Accounts  
  - Paper PDF 94 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5b Proposed core tables for water  
  - Paper PDF 51 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5c Proposed core tables for energy  
  - Paper PDF 71 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5d FAO Perspectives on Implementation of the SEEA--A discussion of the link between SEEA and Governance  
  - Paper PDF 72 KB
  - Presentation PDF 292 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5e The Integrated Business Statistics Program at Statistics Canada  
  - Presentation PPT 1,911 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5f Mainstreaming of the SEEA Central Framework in the programme of work of international agencies  
  - Presentation PDF 126 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5g Better Statistics by Design: Fast track testing and experimentation of Common Statistical Production and Information Architecture  
  - Presentation PDF 385 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5h Mainstreaming of environmental accounts activities in Europe  
  - Presentation PDF 181 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5i The Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES 2013) and the SEEA CF  
  - Presentation PDF 1,991 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5j OECD Task Force on the Implementation of the SEEA-CF  
  - Presentation PDF 369 KB
  UNCEEA/9/5k On Coordination of International Capacity Building Activities at the Country Level: Philippines  
  - Presentation PDF 270 KB
  UNCEEA/9/6a Pilot Training of Trainers-Concept Note  
  - Paper PDF 51 KB
  UNCEEA/9/6b Guidelines for the Compilation of Water Accounts and Statistics  
  - Paper PDF 4,297 KB
  - Presentation PDF 245 KB
  UNCEEA/9/6c Progress Report for the Guidelines for the Compilation of Water Accounts and Statistics  
  - Paper PDF 21 KB
  UNCEEA/9/6d SEEA Implementation Guide  
  - Paper PDF 21 KB
  UNCEEA/9/6e Programme of Work Technical Committee SEEA-CF June 2014-June 2015  
  - Paper PDF 72 KB
  - Presentation PDF 58 KB
  UNCEEA/9/7 Communicating the System of Environmental Economic Accounts  
  - Presentation PDF 11,800 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8a Advancing the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Experimental Ecosystem Accounting-Concept Note  
  - Paper PDF 40 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8b Programme of work for the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting  
  - Draft paper PDF 193 KB
  - Presentation PDF 112 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8c A Classification System for Final Ecosystem Goods and Services  
  - Presentation PDF 193 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8d Implementation of SEEA in Brazil: Water Accounting and Land Use Change Accounting  
  - Presentation PDF 1,659 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8e Presentation of Mauritius pilot study 2013 on experimental ecosystem natural capital accounts  
  - Presentation PDF 2,124 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8f Accounting needs for European environmental policies  
  - Presentation PDF 1,204 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8g UNEP-TEEB and other UNEP Initiatives  
  - Presentation PDF 736 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8h WAVES Policy and Technical Experts Committee  
  - Presentation PDF 323 KB
  UNCEEA/9/8j Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics  
  - Presentation PDF 2,457 KB
  UNCEEA/9/9a Toward the UN Handbook on Supply and Use Tables  
  - Presentation PDF 143 KB
  UNCEEA/9/9b Towards UNSD global environmental MR EE IO tables supporting the UN SDGs  
  - Presentation PDF 1,573 KB
  UNCEEA/9/9c Carbon footprints reconciling academic and statistical work  
  - Presentation PDF 285 KB
  UNCEEA/9/10 Report of groups working under the auspices of or in collaboration with the UNCEEA  
  - Paper PDF 107 KB
  UNCEEA/9/Bk1 Indicators for Sustainable Development Goals, UNSDSN, 22 May 2014  
  - Working Draft PDF 1,810 KB
  UNCEEA/9/Bk2 Introduction and Proposed Goals and Targets on Sustainable Development for the POST 2015 Development Agenda, OWG, 2 June 2014  
  - Zero Draft PDF 170 KB
  UNCEEA/9/Bk3 European Strategy for Environmental Accounts  
  - Paper PDF 64 KB
  UNCEEA/9/Bk4 REGULATION (EU) No 538/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 16 April 2014 amending Regulation (EU) No 691/2011 on European environmental economic accounts  
  - Paper PDF 359 KB
  UNCEEA/9/Bk5 REGULATION (EU) No 691/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 6 July 2011 on European environmental economic accounts  
  - Paper PDF 810 KB
  UNCEEA/9/Bk6 Meeting summary of the joint meeting between the United Nations Statistics Division and the Measure What Matters (MWM) project  
  - Paper PDF 487 KB