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June 2018

Energy Statistics Pocketbook

The 2018 Energy Statistics Pocketbook publication is the first in a series of pocketbook compilations on energy statistics designed to highlight the availability of data on various aspects of energy production, transformation and use and its linkages to other key statistics.

The data are available in the 2015 editions of the Energy Statistics Yearbook, the Energy Balances and the Electricity Profiles, three annual UNSD publications that present energy data in basic indicator formats, as well as formats that show the overall picture of production, trade, transformation and consumption of energy products in more than 200 countries and territories.

The Energy Statistics Pocketbook aims at providing additional information by highlighting key indicators and using different visualizations to show developments, dependencies and distributions in a way that standard data tables cannot convey.

The first five chapters: Total energy supply (TES), Total energy production, Electricity, Refinery output, Total final consumption (TFC), present global data with a breakdown by world regions or type of fuels.

Energy transformation is covered in two chapters: Electricity (including highlights of global electricity capacity) and Refinery output.

The world energy balance chapter presents a short format of energy balance for the world while the energy indicators chapter contains several indicators based on TES, TFC, energy production, population and GDP.

The publication will be available in printed and electronic (PDF format) versions.


2018 Energy Statistics Pocketbook[English]
Download electronic publication 13MB