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September 2011

Guiding principles for the preparation of IRES

To ensure that the main objective of the international recommendations for energy statistics is achieved, the following principles for the revision and updating process were proposed by the Statistics Division and endorsed by the Oslo Group at its third meeting:

(a) Needs of major user groups should be considered as a starting point and be taken into account to the maximum extent possible to ensure that the compiled data are policy relevant, meet the needs of the energy community (both producers and users) and provide a solid foundation for integration of energy statistics into a broader accounting framework;

(b) The revision should be conducted in close consultation with national statistical offices, national energy agencies, and the relevant international and supranational organizations;

(c) In providing recommendations on data items and their definitions care should be taken that (a) necessary data sources are available in at least some countries to compile such data; (b) the collection of such data items will not create significant additional reporting burden; and (c) collection procedures can be implemented by most countries to ensure improved cross-country comparability;

(d) The revision should be seen in the context of promoting an integrated approach within the national statistical system, which requires, to the extent possible, the use of harmonized concepts, classifications, and standardized data compilation methods in order to achieve maximum efficiency and minimize reporting burden;

(e) Additional guidance on more practical and technical matters to assist countries in the implementation of the international recommendations for energy statistics should be treated in the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual. During the revision process, the Oslo Group will discuss the content of the manual. Preparation of the manual should be seen as a parallel process, as topics that might be treated in the recommendations in general terms would need further elaboration to assist data compilers. Ideally, the manual should be issued one year after the Commission adopts the international recommendations for energy statistics.

Source: Report of the Secretary-General on preparation of the international recommendations for energy statistics (E/CN.3/2009/4) to the United Nations Statistical Commission at its fortieth session.