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December 2017

Electricity Profiles

The 2015 Electricity Profiles publication provides an overall picture of the electricity sector of over 200 countries and areas on an internationally comparable basis, for the years 2010-2015. It displays detailed information on production, trade and consumption of electricity, on net installed capacity and thermal power plant inputs and efficiency for each of these countries and areas.

This is the fourth issue of Electricity Profiles as a stand-alone publication, replacing the previous series of Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles.

The publication is available in printed and electronic (PDF format) versions.


2015 Electricity Profiles[English]

Table of Contents 298KB
Introduction 81KB
Concepts and Definitions 99KB
Abbreviations and Symbols 50KB
Electricity Profiles (2010-2015)
Countries (A - B) 236KB
Countries (C - F) 240KB
Countries (G - L) 273KB
Countries (M - Q) 244KB
Countries (R - T) 257KB
Countries (U - Z) 129KB