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Handbook of Statistical Organization

A new version of the Handbook was endorsed in March 2021 by the United Nations Statistical Commission at its 52nd session and is now available at Handbook on Management and Organization of Statistical Systems.

The Handbook of Statistical Organization, Third Edition: The Operation and Organization of a Statistical Agency deals with the fundamentals of national systems of official statistics: general principles, data collection and respondent policies, principles of organization and management, and dissemination guidelines. The intended audience for the Handbook are both chief statisticians (and their colleagues) and those charged with oversight of the official statistics function.

The Third Edition (ST/ESA/STAT/SER.F/88):

  Arabic: (1.94 Mb)
  Chinese: (Printing in progress) (1.35 Mb)
  English: (1.3 Mb)
  English (Corrigendum): (12 Kb)
  French: (6.5 Mb)
  Spanish: (787 Kb)

The Second Edition was issued in 1980 (ST/ESA/STAT/SER.F/28):

English (8 Mb)
French (9 Mb)
Russian (29.2 Mb)
Spanish (12.3 Mb)

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