Collection of data from the Demographic Yearbook

The United Nations Statistics Division collects data on mortality through the following Demographic Yearbook questionnaires:

Vital Statistics Questionnaire (PDF 134 KB)
Population Census Questionnaire (PDF 146 KB)

Eleven tables on statistics of infant deaths, deaths and life tables, cross-tabulated by social and demographic characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, occupation, etc. are collected through these questionnaires.

Dissemination of data from the Demographic Yearbook

Most of these tables are disseminated in the Demographic Yearbook annually. Detailed tabulations are also published in special editions of the Demographic Yearbook dedicated to the topics of natality and mortality, and population census statistics.

The most recent special issue dedicated to mortality was published by the United Nations Statistics Division in the Demographic Yearbook 1996 special tabulations on mortality.

The historical supplement featured in the Demographic Yearbook 1997 featured tables on mortality for the period of 1948-1997.

Tabulations on children ever born and children living collected in national population censuses conducted between 1985-2004 are also available online.

Print copies of the Demographic Yearbook can be purchased through the UN Publications. 

Review of the United Nations' collection and dissemination of data from the Demographic Yearbook

The 2004 United Nations technical report reviews the collection and dissemination of data on mortality within the Demographic Yearbook.