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Classifications Newsletter

The Classifications Newsletter summarizes recent developments and events in international classifications and draws attention to the availability of such information on the Internet. The Newsletter announces newly issued publications and technical materials related to United Nations statistical classifications, updates, new rulings, revision plans of classifications and classification meetings. This Newsletter is published and disseminated by the United Nations Statistics Division.

All files are in Acrobat PDF format.

IssueDateAvailable languages
Issue 33May 2016عربي EnglishFrançais  
Issue 31Jul. 2014عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 30Dec. 2013عربي EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 29Oct. 2013عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 28Dec. 2011عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 27Aug. 2011عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 26Dec. 2010عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 25May 2010  EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 24Dec. 2009  EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 23Jun. 2009عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 22Nov. 2008عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 21Mar. 2008عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 20Oct. 2007عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 19Jul. 2007عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 18Dec. 2006عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 17May 2006عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 16Sep. 2005عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 15Dec. 2004عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 14Jun. 2004عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 13Dec. 2003عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 12Oct. 2003عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 11May 2003عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 10Dec. 2002عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 9Aug. 2002عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 8Apr. 2002عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 7Oct. 2001عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 6May 2001عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 5Aug. 2000عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 4Apr. 2000عربي中文EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 3Nov. 1999  English   
Issue 2Apr. 1999  English   
Issue 1Dec. 1998  English   

Last update: 3 August 2016

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