International Seminar on Gender Statistics

Incheon, Republic of Korea, 12-14 November 2013


List of documents


  ESA/STAT/AC.275/L.1 Agenda
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  ESA/STAT/AC.275/L.2 List of Participants
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  ESA/STAT/AC.275/L.3 Conclusions and Recommendations
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  Opening Opening
  Welcome address - Mr. Hyungsoo Park, Commissioner, Statistics Korea
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  Opening statement - Mr. Stefan Schweinfest, Acting Director, UNSD
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  How Does Gender Mainstreaming Coexist with Gender Statistics in South Korea? Ms. Keum-Sook CHOE , Korean Women’s Development Institute
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  Session 1 Integrating a Gender Perspective into Statistics
  Integrating a Gender Perspective into Statistics - Ms. Francesca Grum, UNSD
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  Gender Statistics in Korea: Notable Development and Its Implication - Ms. Youkyoung MOON, KWDI, Korea
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  Mainstreaming gender and official statistics - Ms. Sara DEMOFONTI, ISTAT-Italy
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Integrating Gender into Statistics: The Philippine Experience - Ms. Anna Jean CASANAS, NSCB, Philippines

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  Session 2 Women's career discontinuity statistics
  The Role of Statistics in relation to the WLB Policy and it’s Implementation - Ms. Seungah HONG, KWDI, Korea
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  Statistics to Support Policies on Work and Life Balance - Ms. Kyunghee KIM, KOSTAT, Korea
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  Barriers to women’s labour force participation - Ms. Caroline DALEY, ABS, Australia
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  Session 3 Time Use Statistics
  Time Use and the International Classification of Activities for Time Use Statistics (ICATUS) - Ms. Francesca GRUM, UNSD
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  Time use statistics: Best practices from the Mexican Case - Ms. Jimena TOVAR, INEGI – Mexico
3.26 MB
  Improvements in the 2014 Korean Time Use Survey - Ms. Jonghee CHOI, KOSTAT, Korea
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  Changing the terms of economic and policy debates: the importance of collecting and archiving time use surveys in the promotion of gender justice - Ms. Kimberly FISHER, IATUR
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  Culture and Gender Statistics: Taking an Example of Gender Preference in East Asia - Mr. Kisoo EUN, SNU, Korea
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  Time use and gender inequality in Korea: differences in paid, unpaid and non-productive activities - Ms. Miyoung AN, Kookmin Univ., Korea
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  2004 Time Use Survey in Cambodia - Ms. Lina Hang, Cambodia
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  Time use Pilot surveys in Indonesia - Ms. Mariet Nuryetty, Indonesia
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  Session 4 Measuring violence against women
  Measuring Violence Against Women - Ms. Linda HOOPER, UNSD
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  National Study on Domestic Violence against Women Sharing Experience from Viet Nam - Ms. Nga NGUYEN, General Statistics Office, Vietnam
1.20 MB
  Measuring violence against women: the case of Mexico - Ms. Jimena TOVAR, INEGI, Mexico
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  Measuring Violence Against Women : Operationalization of surveys: Key points - Ms. Linda HOOPER, UNSD
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  The Italian Women Safety Survey - Ms. Sara DEMOFONTI, ISTAT, Italy
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  Measuring violence against women: The Canadian experience - Mr. Francois NAULT, Statistics Canada
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  Violence Against Women (VAW) Survey 2011 - Mr. Fokir Mohammad ALAUDDIN, Bangladesh
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  Prevalence and incidence of violence against women in Korea - Ms. Mijeong LEE, KWDI
1.59 MB
  Measuring Violence against Women: The Philippine Experience - Ms. Anna Jean CASANAS, NSCB, Philippines
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  Data processing and analysis and conclusions - Ms. Linda HOOPER, UNSD
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  Jordanian experiences majoring Domestic violence against women - Ms. Amani Joudeh, Jordan
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  Gender based violence: Violence against women quantitative survey - Ms. Jargalsaikhan Tsogzolmaa, Mongolia
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  Challenges around data collection on violence against women using surveys - Ms. Henriette Jansen, Consultant
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