East and Sourth Asian Workshop on Strategies for Accelerating the Improvement of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems

29 November - 3 December 1993, Beijing, China


List of documents

  ESAW/CRVS/93/1 add. 1 Organization of Work
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  ESAW/CRVS/93/2 List of technical papers
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ESAW/CRVS/93/4 The international programme for accelerating the improvement of vital statistics and civil registration systems
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ESAW/CRVS/93/7 Civil registration and vital statistics in Bangladesh
931 KB
ESAW/CRVS/93/8 Bangladesh: Sample Vital Registration System and Key Findings
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ESAW/CRVS/93/10 Country Report on the Current Status of Vital Statistics and Civil Registration System in the Islamic Republic of Iran
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ESAW/CRVS/93/11 National Registration System in Pakistan
655 KB
ESAW/CRVS/93/12 Sri Lanka: Current status of Vital statistics and civil Registration System
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ESAW/CRVS/93/13 Vital Registration and Sample Surveys on population Changes in China
988 KB
ESAW/CRVS/93/15 The Vital Statistics System and Family Registration in Japan
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ESAW/CRVS/93/16 The Current status of Vital Statistics and Civil Registration Systems in the Republic of Korea
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ESAW/CRVS/93/19 Civil Registration and Vital statistics System in Malaysia
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  ESAW/CRVS/93/20 A Country Report on the Current status of civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems in the Philippines
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ESAW/CRVS/93/22 Uses of Civil Registration Records and Vital Statistics in Population Policy Making and Evaluation
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ESAW/CRVS/93/23 Uses of Vital Statistics for Educational Planning with Special Emphasis to South Asian countries
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ESAW/CRVS/93/24 Population Registration in Sweden
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ESAW/CRVS/93/25 Uses of vital Records and statistics for Social and Developmental Programs
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ESAW/CRVS/93/26 Sample Registration System in India
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ESAW/CRVS/93/27 Data Collection Methods and Techniques Providing Vital Statistics and Rates
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ESAW/CRVS/93/28 Coordinating Data Sources for National Vital Statistics: the United States of America
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ESAW/CRVS/93/29 The People's Republic of China Domicile Administrative Work
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ESAW/CRVS/93/30 Problems and Experiences in Linkage and Integrated Use of Different Data Sources of Vital Statistics and Rates: Some Experiences outside East and South Asia Region
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ESAW/CRVS/93/31 Data Bases for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Singapore
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ESAW/CRVS/93/32 Modern Technology for Storage and Retrieval of Civil Registration Records and Processing of Vital Statistics
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ESAW/CRVS/93/34 Strategies for Improving Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems in the Countries of ESCAP Region
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