Advancement of Gender Statistics

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To improve the production of gender statistics, the Statistics Division has issued a series of methodological reports aimed at providing practical guidance to countries on a variety of topics including: concepts and methods, training of users and producers, database development and statistical reporting.

Technical reports have also been issued in key areas such as measuring women’s economic activity (1993) and participation in the informal sector (1990), and the development of time-use statistics for measuring paid and unpaid work (2005).

Since 2007 the Division has been working on the measurement of violence against women. Together with the Division for the Advancement of Women and the Economic Commission for Europe, the Division organized an expert group meeting on measuring violence against women in 2007. The issue was taken up in the 2008 Statistical Commission, which established the Friends of the Chair group to develop a list of recommended statistical indicators to measure violence against women. The Division has since developed a set of Guidelines for Producing Statistics on Violence Against Women, in line with the list of recommended indicators, to be finalized and published in 2012.