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Session 01-1 Needs of environment statistics
Session 01-2 Sustainable development indicators for Africa (ECA)
Session 01-3 Needs of environment statistics_national (Ethiopia)
Session 01-4 International requirements for environment statistics (UNSD)
Session 01-5 AEIN_AEO_GEO processes (UNEP)
Session 02-1 Frameworks for environmental statistics and indicators (UNSD)
Session 02-2 Development of environmental indicators (UNSD)
Session 02-3 Linkages to SEEA (UNSD)
Session 03-1 Institutional aspects of environment statistics_regional (ECOWAS)
Session 03-2 Environment Statistics in Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)
Session 03-3 Institutional aspects of environment statistics_national (Botswana)
Session 03-4 Institutional aspects of environment statistics_national (Mauritius)
Session 03-5 Status of environment statistics (Mauritius)
Session 04-1 North Africa_Regional experience and data collection (CEDARE)
Session 04-2 Status of environment statistics in the Indian Ocean Region (IOC)
Session 04-3 Introduction to water statistics (UNSD)
Session 04-4 MDGindicator30 (UNSD)
Session 04-5 UNSD Water Questionnaire 2006 (UNSD)
Session 04-6 Waste water and water quality (UNSD)
Session 04-7 Natural disasters (UNSD)
Session 04-8 Selection of indicators(UNSD)
Session 06-1 AU-ECA-AfDB Land policy initiative (AUC and ECA)
Session 06-2 Biodiversity statistics (IUCN ROCA)
Session 06-3 Assessment indicators on the loss of species (IUCN ROCA)
Session 06-4 Protected areas indicators (IUCN ROCA)
Session 06-5 Land use statistics (FAO)
Session 06-6 Environment and agriculture (FAO)
Session 06-7 Land use statistics (UNSD)
Session 06-8 Land degradation statistics (UNSD)
Session 08-1 Climate change (UNFCCC)
Session 08-2 Air Indicators (UNSD)
Session 08-3 Waste Statistics (UNSD)

Session 08-4 Energy Statistics in Zambia (Zambia)
Session 08-5 Mining in Zambia (Zambia)

Session 10 Application of geospatial technology for environment statistics (ECA)
Session 11-1 The use of internet as a tool for statistics dissemination (ECA)

Session 11-2 AEO-EIS and Africa Data Portal (UNEP)
Session 12-1 Overview of the SADC Statistics Programme (SADC)

Session 12-2 Towards a regional programme on environment statistics (ECA)